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The University Center Si Al-Hawas Barika is a public institution of a scientific and cultural nature, enjoying moral and financial independence. It aims to provide scientific and qualitative training for students in various fields.. تم إنشاؤه بموجب المرسوم التــنفيذي رقم 146-16 dated at 17 Shaban is a year 1437 corresponding to 23 May year 2016 M, and according to decision No 08 dated at 03 First Jamadi 1438 corresponding to 31 January 2017 Which includes dedicating the naming of the university center in the municipality of Barika, Batna, named after the martyr : أحمد بن عبد الرزاق حمودة المدعو سي الحواس.

Things that make us proud

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Director's speech

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Barika University Center, a center that we seek to be a university in the future with all its challenges, hopes and aspirations, to contribute a pivotal and distinguished role as the most important academic edifice in Algeria in leading the stage of development and national transformation launched by the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, may God protect him and lead him with all The competence and efficiency of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Kamal Badari.

The administrative staff of the center

Dr Nouis nabil

Dr Merzougui belkacem

Dr Ariouet youcef

Dr Dourari lakhdarr